Just A Female Dolphins Fan Taking A Piss At A Urinal (NSFW)

Photo: keattikorn (Getty)

Odds are you missed the Jets-Dolphins game Sunday afternoon because you were busy doing anything else. I mean, it was the Jets playing the Dolphins in Miami, and they still decided to televise it. Weird.

Even crazier than watching Josh McCown and Jay Cutler throw the pigskin to the opposing team’s players on television? You guessed it – actually attending the game in person. By our calculations, the only way you’d be able to get through such a thing without slamming your head on concrete is by getting blackout drunk. You know, the kind of drunk where you’re so hammered that you actually believe you’re watching two real teams like the Patriots and Steelers duking it out or perhaps even two cheerleaders scissoring each other on the field below.

Or the kind of drunk where you walk into the men’s room barefoot, drop your drawers and take a piss at a urinal despite the fact that you’re a woman. Like this young “lady,” for example:

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Here it is from another angle:

Look, I’m all for a young woman walking into the men’s room, dropping trou and then tinkling in the urinal next to me, especially when she’s got a poop chute like that. But for fuck’s sake, lady, get some goddamn shoes on your feet. Everybody knows the floor in the men’s room – especially around the urinals – is about as filthy as a frat boy’s keyboard.

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