DJ Who Headbutted Tony Abbott Now Facing Up To 10 Years Jail

The DJ who lived out every progressive Australian’s fantasy and nutted Tony Abbott is now facing 10 years behind bars after his charges were upgraded.

Astro Labe was hit with a common assault charge for headbutting the former PM on the streets of Hobart last month, but as ABC reports, the offence has now been amended to “causing harm to a Commonwealth public official” which carries a much heftier jail sentence.

Fronting Hobart Magistrates Court today, the North Hobart DJ did not entered a plea and had his bail continued.

Despite Abbott’s allegations that he copped the Glasgow kiss from Labe for his views on same-sex marriage, the DJ recently fronted the media to assure Australians that he attacked the former liberal leader solely for the crime of being Tony Abbott, whom he describes as a “f*cking worm” and an “evil c*nt”.

“It was nothing really remotely to do with [SSM],” Labe explained. “It’s just about Tony Abbott, the fucking worm that he is. All it was is I saw Tony Abbott and I’d had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the c*nt.”

10-years behind bars for a fat lip does seems a bit excessive, considering plenty of Aussie crims have been handed less than that for crimes like attempted murder and manslaughter.

We’ll bring you more on this story as it develops.