Here’s 21 Years Of Joe Buck Hyping Up Garbage Fox Shows

Screenshot: YouTube

Whether you’re a huge fan of baseball or don’t care about it at all we can all agree on one thing: Joe Buck is terrible at calling games and always has been. The man has zero emotion. And yet somehow he’s been doing it for over 20 years. And since 1996, Buck not only has had to call ballgames on Fox, but he has also had to hype up their shows. And let’s just say that a lot of them have gone down the drain.

A YouTuber named Matthew Callan took it upon himself for some reason to edited together all the times Buck had to promote a ton of shows that are mostly forgotten now. I’m talking about shows like Killer InstinctLiving in CaptivityHarsh Realm, Ryan Caulfield: Year OneHappy Hour and more trash.

Check out the video that will make you all nostalgic.

Here’s 21 Years Of Joe Buck Hyping Up Garbage Fox Shows

Man, Fox, like every other TV network, has sure had plenty of failed shows. Some of those were just completely awful — like, “what the hell were they thinking” awful. But hey, at least Fox gave us The OC — a show that I totally didn’t watch…

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