Dog Pees On Man’s Back After He Mistakes Him For A Fire Hydrant

Photo: Gary Blakeley (Getty)

As my dog got older I used to put him in my bed so he could sleep there with me. The only problem was that since he was old he couldn’t hold on to his bladder so of course I would wake up in a puddle of piss. But even though that happened to me I can’t say that I have ever been mistaken for a fire hydrant like the dude below.

The hilarious video below shows a dude sitting on a curb using his phone in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when out of nowhere a stray dog walks up to him, lifts his legs and takes a whiz on his back. Now of course the man chases him and tries to kick him (he misses thankfully).

Check it out!

But the question remains: why in the hell did this dude smell like to attract the dog and make him pee on him? Hey, it’s a solid question. And let’s not dismiss the second dog that walks up to the man and takes a sniff of him after the chaos goes down.

Here’s hoping that dude threw that shirt in the wash at least.

h/t Mashable

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