Do You Have An Eskimo Brother In Your Life?

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The rise of the internet improved different areas of life but few so greatly than the usage of slang. Now, thanks to the world wide web, we collectively, as a informational species, can decide on the best phrases and words and introduce them to our vocabulary to improve our communication. For years now there has been a term missing to describe the situation the Eskimo brother phrase does. And it really couldn’t be better. It surpasses the military alphabet on its efficiency.

Eskimo Brother Meaning

So, you have maybe been getting ready for a night out of town and you ask your friend how did he get you on the list for that one party, and he says his Eskimo brother hooked him up. You don’t want to be racially insensitve or possibly show that you didn’t know your good friend has a sibling so you just let it slide without asking. Now you’re basically limping away through life as you can’t properly use this helpful phrase.

Eskimo brother is a term that signalizes some guy that had sex with the same girl you had sex with that you’re still on good terms with. Meaning if you and your buddy had sex with the same girl, you’re not just friends anymore, you’re Eskimo brothers.

So how come, Eskimo brothers? Why not German brothers or Zulu brothers? It’s because by having sex with the same girl you’ve shared an igloo. But also, you’ve both fished out of the same ice hole. Obviously, if you had sex with the girl first, you are the older Eskimo brother, even if you are younger in years. For the majority of guys, this is a good term, and if you’re unhappy with being someone’s Eskimo brother, it is probably because you did not improve your sex game.

The term Eskimo brother has really taken hold and there has been an Eskimo Day established in 2016 and its July 7th. So make plans with your Eskimo bro.

Eskimo Brother Related Terms

On Urban dictionary, the global authority on slang, there are other interesting Eskimo-related phrases. The best one is obviously the Eskimo brothers-in-law, which is when two bros have sex with a different full blooded sister. So if being Eskimo brothers may not be desirable in all accounts, being Eskimo Brothers-in-law should be the holy grail for all best buds.

Another definition worth noting is Eskimo dads, it’s when you and another guy each have a child with the same woman. Not as fun as Eskimo brothers or Eskimo brothers-in-law.

Yet another great term is that of an Eskimo father. It’s the guy that took the virginity of the girl you had sex with. You must pay the highest homages to this man, the pioneer of the north, as it is really hard breaking into the igloo.

The highest level of being Eskimo is the Eskimo family. This is what is formed when more than two buddies have had sex with the same girl. Of course, other, not so good things can happen when you put your fishing rod into the same ice hole with your buddies, so always be fully dressed when ice-fishing.

There are a lot more Eskimo-related slang terms online, but these are the most essential and the best ones as people tend to push these things. If you have a valid introduction to our little Eskimo dictionary, feel free to be the innovator.

Do you have an Eskimo brother in your life and what have you done for him lately?

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