Try Driving A Car With A Snake Outside The Window Like These Teens Tried To Do

Photo: Byronsdad (Getty)

If I was in this situation I don’t know how I don’t roll my car over and bursts into a ball of flames, but thankfully I was not in this situation. But two teens in Raleigh, North Carolina were.

The two teens were able to capture a pretty large snake slithering up the passenger side window as they attempt to drive to the nearest Taco Bell. OK, so I don’t know if they were driving to Taco Bell, but after this ordeal I hope they did so they could calm their nerves with various tacos and burritos.

Take a look at the video below to see this snake scare the hell out of the teens.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the snake eventually flew off as the driver stepped on the gas. No word on the condition of the snake but chances are it probably hitched a ride with another car.

In other news, where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?


h/t Mashable

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