This Broken Glass Prank On A Glass Walkway Is Hysterically Evil

Photo: Tobias Titz (Getty)

The chances of an average person making it across a glass walkway high above the ground without soiling his or her drawers when the glass remains perfectly intact still can’t be very good given how powerful a person’s mind can be.

When officials – not pranksters, mind you – make it look like that glass is shattering as you’re walking over it, well, you have to think those chances sink to somewhere near zero percent.

According to UPI, at least one recent visitor to the glass walkway around Taihang Mountain in Hebei, China didn’t care for what officials were calling an “enhancement” to the experience of walking 3,871 feet over the ground. That enhancement? You guessed it: The supposed shattering of the glass beneath walkers accompanied by the sound of breaking glass.

This Broken Glass Prank On A Glass Walkway Is Hysterically Evil

Officials with the East Taihang district administration apologized for any confusion, breakdowns and shit-filled panties that their illusion may have caused. In the future, they’ll take away the sound of breaking glass, but the illusion of glass breaking under visitors’ feet will remain in place. Why? Nobody fucking knows, but let’s hope for our sake they put a camera up to capture more reactions like that one.

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