Loose Leopard Forces Car Factory In India To Shutdown For 36 Hours

Photo: UrmasPhotoCom (Getty)

Maybe he was interested in a new car?

The Maruti Suzuki factory, the largest car factory in India, actually had to shutdown for 36 hours for one reason and one reason alone: there was a leopard on the loose. It all kicked off when cameras at the factory spotted the wild leopard just taking a stroll through the factory. And that’s about the time that 1,000 workers showed up, but were locked out, and thank god for that.

Take a look at the leopard in the video below.


After workers were evacuated from the plant, which churns out nearly a million vehicles a year, police kicked off an hours-long operation to catch the animal, even using live goats and raw meat to lure it out of hiding.

But the leopard was unmoved and remained out of sight until it returned to the same location where it was first spotted.

“The wildlife team was successful in tranquilizing the leopard late afternoon,” said Ashok Bakshi, the police deputy commissioner of Manesar. “The animal has been removed from the factory and after medical examination will be released in the wild,” he told AFP.

According to Jalopnik, 200 police and wildlife officials were involved in the “hunt,” and at least two factory shifts were canceled. Oh, and because of that tens of thousands of dollars in productivity was lost at the plant.

Not cool, leopard.

(Facebook image: Twitter/AFP News)

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