Second-Rate Tropes: The ‘Groundhog Day’ Scenario

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Groundhog Day is still the exceptional movie it was nearly 25 years ago. One would assume as much from a film that repeats the same day over and over again for its entire duration. If it didn’t get old after an hour and a half straight, why would it lose its luster after a quarter of a century? However, just because it was a strong, original premise that most people enjoyed, that doesn’t give numerous other movies and TV shows the right to repeat the same formula hoping to attain similar praise. The problem with such a mindset is that it results in carbon copies that do nothing to break the mold. More often than not, the character given the time loop problem simply lives out his or her days in frustration until a solution presents itself (usually one overlooked detail). After which, the curse is broken. Sadly, it’s been done so many times by now that it’s considered a trope, and one that has devolved considerably into little more than a poor excuse to watch a character die repeatedly in increasingly comical ways. It was funny the first time we saw it, copycats. What else ya got?

Just kidding, we know the answer. We’ve seen enough of them. For every good example of a Groundhog Day plot that expands on the idea in new and interesting ways, there are ten that don’t. Oh look, here they are now.

Second-Rate Tropes: The Groundhog Day Scenario

Do you agree with our argument against this worn out theme? If so, we’ve got plenty more beefs that we’ll get to in the coming weeks. And if not, read it again and see if you feel differently. That always works out great.

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