Worker Finds Secret Hidden Room He Believes Belonged To ‘The Lottery Killer’

Photo: Dzianis (Getty)

This story is quite the doozy so hold on to your butt, folks.

An HVAC worker was sent by his company to a house in Plant City, Florida, in order to swap out an air conditioning system, but he has gone viral after he filmed and shared a video that shows a secret room he discovered.

Here’s how the worker described it on YouTube:

“Upon further inspection, I found a piece of wall that didn’t look the same as the rest. I pushed on the wall revealing a secret room. Leading to the secret room was a carpeted walkway. When the secret rooms door was closed it didn’t even look like it was there.

Upon entering the room I noticed stained wood walls carpeted floors electrical cable and a light switch. There was even a door that had a makeshift bathroom that popped out which led to a pipe that drains through the soffit. There were a few personal items scattered about the floor and two license plates screwed to the wall above the door.”

Check out the video below:

Here is where it gets more bizarre: the man who shared the video said that a man told him the home used to be occupied by R.J. Moore and his mother Dee Dee Moore, who is better known as The Lottery Killer. Dee Dee was convicted of murdering Abraham Shakespeare, a Florida lottery winner, in 2012, and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Here’s what else the the worker said:

“Later, someone sent me more screenshots of the plates that were hung in the secret room confirming they belonged to Dee Dee Moore.”

Well if that is truly accurate then that is one super creepy find.

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