Shane McMahon Almost Died Last Night At ‘Hell In A Cell’

Screenshot: WWE

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: WWE is garbage compared to what it was when I used to watch it growing up. The storylines are boring and predictable, the majority of the wrestlers have no personality whatsoever and the action isn’t entertaining. But even with that said, Shane McMahon continues to remind everyone why he’s the bravest dude out there.

Last night, at WWE’s “Hell in a Cell,” Shane went toe-to-toe with Kevin Owens inside a cage. And because Shane has long been known for death-defying drops, he of course climbed to the top of the cage and jumped 20 feet down in hopes of putting Owens through a table. Well, this is what happened instead.

Yep. Now that’s having balls of steel. And of course Twitter went nuts:

As for how’s Shane doing, well according to WWE a preliminary report has determined that “Shane may be dealing with multiple injuries, including neck trauma, fractured ribs and a dislocated shoulder.”

Holy hell, Shane.

h/t Bleacher Report

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