Man Chases Cop After Being Tazed, Tries To Steal Cop Car And Causes Chaos All Around


These days cops are usually criticized for using their gun in situations that don’t call for one, but you have to give it up to this cop who did not reach for his gun once even after some lunatic was going bonkers on him. Let us explain.

Jewel Armstrong was able to capture the bizarre footage that shows a California sheriff’s deputy yelling at a guy to get on the ground. While the man complies at first, he quickly gets up and walks back to his car, which prompts the cop to shut the door to his car. Well the dude doesn’t like that so he pushes the cop, and the cop fires his taser.

And what happens next is insane: the taser does nothing on the dude as he pulls it out of him, yells and chases the cop. Have a look at the crazy video below.

Holy hell.


Armstrong said she was working security at the Mountain House Costco when she saw a man in a black car on the store’s property. She asked the man to leave and he left the store’s property. However, Armstrong said the man was still blocking the way into the store’s loading area, so she called the sheriff’s office for help.

“As a security officer, everything that I did, I tried to observe and report and give, to the best of my abilities, the knowledge to the police officers before hand,” she said. Armstrong said when the deputy arrived, the man’s behavior became more combative. That’s when Armstrong took out her phone and started recording.

This dude was later identified as 22-year-old Yaroub Assad, as he was arrested and charged with vandalism, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

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