‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ Game Where You Kill Cats For Meat Is Being Bashed Left And Right

Screenshot: YouTube/Big-O-Tree Games

A game called “Dirty Chinese Restaurant” is being bashed for playing on racist stereotypes. The game centers around a man named “Wong Fu,” who inherits the restaurant from his brother. The object of the game is to score points through saving food costs. How do you save food costs?  By dumpster diving and chasing after dogs and cats with a cleaver. Yep.

But there’s more, folks. In the game you also have to evade taxes and stay away from being deported by immigration officials. The studio behind the game, Big-O-Tree Games, (and yes, it’s supposed to sound like “bigotry), are catching a lot of heat.

Screenshot: YouTube

Screenshot: YouTube

The game has even gotten the attention of New York Rep. Grace Meng (D). Here’s what Meng had to say.

 The developers behind the game claim it is all satire and no offense was intended. Check out the Canadian developers’ statement below.

“Our game is mainly satire and comedy influenced by the classic politically incorrect shows we grew up watching, such as: South Park, All in the Family, Sanford & Son, Family Guy, Simpsons, and Chappelle’s Show. We also listen to Jay-Z. Our game in no way is meant to be an accurate representation of Chinese culture.”

Meng is urging Google, Apple and other platforms not to carry the game.

Check out the game’s trailer below. Do you think it’s completely inappropriate?

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