People Are Realizing This Scene From ‘Thomas & Friends’ Is Absolutely Terrifying

Photo: Twitter/Gullane Entertainment

I don’t know about you all, but a train with eyes has always freaked me out, and that’s why I was never a fan of Thomas & Friends. But finally, years after the show has been on, one person has shined a light on a scene that puts on display how terrifying this show truly was — almost traumatizing.

A Twitter user named Tristan Cooper recently took it to Twitter to show off a clip from episode three of Thomas & Friends — an episode where a train named Henry is “sent to death” for not going to work. Um…what? Henry refuses to emerge from the tunnel because he doesn’t want the rain to ruin his paintwork.

And that’s when the Fat Controller has enough and decides Henry be imprisoned in his tunnel forever.

Take a look at the bizarre clip below.

“We shall take away your rails and leave you here for always and always and always.” What in the world…? And Henry looks like he’s just seen the worst thing in his life.

Twitter of course chimed in on the scene.

Oh, and there was also this scene that Cooper shared.

This is a children’s show?

But don’t worry, Henry eventually is let out of the death hole.

In conclusion, what in the hell were we watching as kids?

h/t The Sun

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