This Former Marine Loves Saying The F-Word And His Toddler Now Has The Same Passion

Screenshot: Twitter/Jim LaPorta

Now that we are all old and miserable, we let swear words fly out of our mouth on a daily basis. There’s nothing like dropping a few F-bombs left and right in order to vent. But when we were younger learning a new swear word was the best thing ever, and our folks knew that it would become our favorite word of the month. And former U.S. Marine Jim LaPorta now has that problem with his own kid.

LaPorta admits that he should probably eliminate the F-word from his vocabulary and that’s because his 2-year-old son has seemed to caught on and now he’s all about that word.

Check out the hilarious video below thanks to LaPorta’s Twitter.

Man, I lost count. But that final “fuck” is probably the best of all. Hey, if LaPorta ever gets into a road rage incident and his kid is in the back at least his son will be able to drop a few curse words at the opposition.

In other news, doesn’t the kid in the video remind you of this girl?


h/t COED

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