This TV Host Blasted The Freudian Slip Of The Year

Screenshot: YouTube

You probably don’t know who Peter Helliar is, but he is an incredibly popular comedic TV news host in Australia. That’s right, mates. But unfortunately he quickly became a victim of his own comedy after what is most likely the Freudian slip of the year. And of course it occurred when Helliar was on live TV so everyone could hear his slip-up. But what was his slip-up. Well…

I’ll just leave this right here so you can see for yourself.

This TV Host Blasted The Freudian Slip Of The Year

The show’s name is The Project. It’s brand? Deliver news differently.

I’d say.

Listen, I’m not sure what happens at saunas in Finland, or anywhere for that matter, and I’m not judging, but I think I’m going to avoid anything resembling a steam bath for awhile.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor for Mandatory.