Somebody Give This Drunk Irish Lady A Kebab Before She Breaks A Door

Man Holding Shashlik With Bacon And Beer. Photo: Koukichi Takahashi / EyeEm (Getty).

The last time someone was ranting and raving about kebabs in a viral video, she was a racist lump of crap who eventually walked into a door on her way out of the restaurant. So, you could say that the recording below contains a bit of good and bad news by comparison. The good news is that (as far as we know) this woman isn’t shouting racial slurs and telling people to speak English in her country. Of course, she appears to be shitfaced out of her mind, so that at least part of the bad news. The other part will be revealed in an earth-shattering (or at least door-shattering) manner.

Drunk Chick Breaks Glass Door When She Is Constantly Denied Kebabs

This shameful display was captured on camera by a student named Ryan Hart and posted to Snapchat. It’s of little wonder why it has since been making the rounds, as we can only assume it takes the strength of ten men (or one incredibly schlitzed woman with inhuman capabilities) to disintegrate a glass door with little more than her bare hands and unfaltering resilience. Well, maybe not so much the unfaltering part since she was easily and likely unintentionally knocked down twice during the altercation. And from the looks of the very end of the video, there will be no kebabs for anyone now.

Thanks a lot, rummy. Maybe next time you should take the advice of people literally shoving you out of their restaurant and “stop biting people” and “take a shit and get out.” Not actually sure what they mean by that last part, but surely someone will explain it to me in the comments.

h/t Worldstarhiphop

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