And Here’s A Dude Holding On For Dear Life To The Back Of A Speeding Train

Screenshot: Facebook/Chantelle Stone

Let me first start off by saying that this dude is a massive idiot, and that’s only a because a massive idiot wold think “train surfing” would be a brilliant idea.

A man has been arrested after he was caught on camera holding on to the back of a speeding train. The video, captured by Chantelle Stone and shared on Facebook, shows the nutjob holding on for dear life as the train continues on its journey.

“The train had been stopped at a station when we first saw the guy riding on the back,” Stone said. “We slowed down a bit so the train could get ahead of us again so I could capture the footage.”

Take a look at the bizarre footage below.

Stone believes the train was going at about 70 mph.

Here’s what David Hynes, a Public Transport Authority spokesperson had to say.

“He was clinging on to a windscreen wiper — were he to fall it’s a very unfriendly and unreceptive surface with ballast and rail and concrete sleepers, he would have almost certainly been killed, if not badly injured.”


PTA officials monitoring CCTV cameras watched the man get down from his perch at the Glendalough Station and get inside the train. He was detained at the next stop, Stirling Station, and authorities said he could face trespassing charges.

Hynes said the incident marked the first time the PTA has caught someone in the act of train surfing.

“This is the first time in the memory of anyone at the PTA that we’ve actually known about it while it was happening,” he said.

Well, at least he got to where he was going even if he ended up behind bars soon after.

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