Nicolas Cage Just Signed On To Another Hilariously Bad Project That Will Find Him Battling A White Jaguar

Photo: Gennadiy Avramenko/Epsilon/Getty Images

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about movies that Oscar winner (yes, he won an Oscar) Nicolas Cage doesn’t read any script he’s given before he agrees to the role — Cage just accepts any movie that comes his way. At least it usually seems that way. This is the same dude who has been in horrible movies like The Wicker ManNextSeason of the WitchRageUSS Indianapolis: Men of Courage and more. So it’s no surprise that his latest project sounds like another laugh riot.


According to Empire Online, the 53-year-old actor has signed on to a movie called Primal, where he plays Frank Walsh, a, and get this, “legendary big-game tracker.” Cage’s character captures exotic animals for zoos and his latest batch of animals is being moved via a shipping freighter. But shit hits the fan when “a political assassin secretly being extradited back to the US on the ship escapes his guards and releases the animals.”

That’s right, Cage has to battle loose animals, one of which includes a rare white jaguar.


So not only does Cage have to do battle against a bunch of wild animals, but he has to make sure that political assassin doesn’t take him out either. It’s man versus animal versus man versus a crumbling career.

Primal is set to begin filming next month in Puerto Rico. I honestly can’t wait to see this on Netflix late at night soon.

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