So You Probably Don’t Want Your Bus Driver Reading A Newspaper While Driving, Right?

Photo: LaraBelova (Getty)

Well, if you happened to be a passenger on the Maryland bus where a bus driver was caught reading a newspaper while driving you should be thanking your lucky stars that the bus didn’t end up in a ditch somewhere.

A bus driver has been suspended according to transit officials after a video went viral showing the bus driving reading a newspaper all while driving passengers around. A Twitter user named Myles Hill was able to capture the Metrobus driver on camera and of course shared it with the internet world.

Have a look.

Hill and his pal were pretty baffled to what they were seeing unfold. “I asked her, ‘is that bus driver reading the paper?’ and she said ‘oh my gosh, yeah!'” Hill told The Washington Post. “He’s focusing on the paper; he should be focusing on the roads.”

Hill said he almost missed his stop because the driver was more focused on the paper.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said officials identified the driver and placed him on paid leave while an investigation is conducted.

And this is how one person responded to Hill:

In conclusion, riding a bus is still hell on earth and you’re probably better off walking to wherever it is you’re going.

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