Some Dude Made A Chair That Looks Like The State Of Michigan And The Upper Peninsula Dispenses Beer While You’re Sitting In It

Screenshot: Facebook/Thompson Woodworks

Unless there’s a chair out there that gives you a hand job while you’re watching slow-motion videos of Kate Upton getting out of a pool, then this is probably the greatest chair on the planet.

According to UPI, a Michigan man has put the city of Garden City on the map for something other than being the site of the world’s first Little Caesar’s Pizza joint.

Check out this chair shaped like the state of Michigan Matt Thompson of Thompson Woodworks built. Of course, the fact that it looks like Michigan – complete with both peninsulas – is one thing. But it’s the fact that the Upper Peninsula dispenses cans of beer while you’re sitting down on the main chunk of the state that makes it newsworthy.

“It’s ridiculous,” Thompson said. “But still that’s what’s kinda cool about it. I had this vision and the cool thing was I have the skills to put it together. It was rewarding to see people think it’s just as cool as I thought it was.”

Thompson said the chamber inside the Upper Peninsula holds six cans, and they’ll stay cold for about eight hours. He’s calling this bad boy the “Michigan Beer Chair,” and if you have no idea why he’s calling it that, well, life has probably been quite the bitch for you.

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