This Kid Skipping Rocks Is So Skilled That He Practically Knocked His Mother Out!

Skipping stones – little boy playing in river. Photo: Imgorthand (Getty).

A skill isn’t always necessarily a good thing. If we’d written for our headline, “This Kid Is So Good At Skipping Rocks…” like we originally planned before revising, we could easily be accused of misleading our audience. Hence, the child in the following Instagram video possesses an ability. That talent when it comes to skipping rocks (if you want to call it that) isn’t exactly one his mother could be too proud of. Then again, at this point, we’re just hopping she even remembers it for next time.

Kid Skipping Rocks Practically Knocks His Mother Out!

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You might want to work on your follow through, little buddy. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great, but your release should come some time before it. We’d suggest maybe trying your hand at golf, but we all know how dangerous that can be, especially when fire is involved. So there’s two more activities to avoid accidentally murdering someone. You’re welcome.

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