Watch This Bear At The Zoo Drop A Deuce Right In Front Of Some Kids

Screenshot: YouTube

Interesting. We had no idea that bears enjoy Taco Bell just as much as we do.

Odds are the majority of Americans can’t find Grand Rapids on a map, even if we told them that it was located somewhere in the great state of Michigan. Given that, then we’ll also assume that the majority of Americans are unaware that Grand Rapids has a zoo.

And we’re not talking about some podunk small-town petting zoo where you pay a couple of bucks to feed rabbit shit to the goats either. No sir. This is the John Ball Zoo, where parents can bring their kids to see lions, camels, apes, kangaroos and bears that shit like they just went on a bender at the local Irish pub and then hit up Denny’s for 20 bucks worth of late night eats.

Now we don’t have any video of the lions, camels, apes or kangaroos to show you, but as you’ve come to expect from us, we sure as shit have the clip of the bear crapping on the window in front of a group of kids and their parents.

The best part of that clip? You guessed it: The fact that the parents were laughing harder at the bear taking a dump than the kids were. And that once again proves my theory that dick, fart and poop jokes are the only jokes that are funny from day one all the up to the day you die.

h/t Barstool Sports

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