The 11 Most Embarrassing Sports Movies Ever

Everyone loves a good sports movie, but there sure are a lot of bad ones. And I don’t mean like Rocky IV bad, the enjoyably over the top motion pictures that make you cheer in spite of yourself. I mean almost unwatchably stupid motion pictures that happen to be about sports in one way or another.

Maybe these movies were trying too hard to be serious and accidentally turned out laughable. Maybe they thought they had a great gimmick, like goofy animals or cross-dressing, that could replace more conventional selling points, like good screenplays and talented actors.

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Or maybe everybody just lost their god damn minds just before they green lit these absolutely embarrassing sports movies. That’s the most plausible explanation I can come up with. Honestly, nothing else works.

So while films like Goon: The Last of the Enforcers are out there, proving that good sports movies can be made – even if they’re (shudder) SEQUELS – I guess we will still always have to contend with THESE disappointing junkers. Sigh.

Let’s check ’em out in alphabetical order…

The 11 Most Embarrassing Sports Movies Ever Made

Top Photo: Universal Pictures

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