Drunk Guy Gets Wrestled Off Aeromexico Flight, Tries To Bite His Way Into Staying Onboard

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I hate flying. It sucks sitting on a crowded flight, next to people who may have poisonous gas leaking from their asses, sometimes for hours on end. Then there’s dealing with airlines that might just kick you off the flight for a stupid reason like birthday cake.

It’s almost reasonable that someone would lose their mind dealing with all these headaches. And if they’re drunk, they might even go all Walking Dead and start biting people zombie-style.

Drunk Guy Biting People Gets Wrestled Off Aeromexico Flight

An Aeromexico flight had to make an emergency landing last week after some drunk loser started being disruptive and had to be dragged off the plane. As expected, the sauced passenger wasn’t having it.

According to witnesses, it took authorities 30 to 40 minutes to get this guy out of his seat and off the plane. He even started throwing punches at people who were trying to restrain him.

While being escorted from the aircraft, stinko attempted to bite his way free because, yeah, that’s a good idea. Another angle of the altercation shows the drunkster go in for the chomp.

I get that being wasted gets you hungry, but this is ridiculous.

Eventually, the the situation was resolved and passengers continued to their destination. Luckily for them, the guy didn’t make his way back onto the plane like a similar gentleman a few months back.

h/t The Mercury News

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