Here’s A Kid Getting Punched In The Face By A Kangaroo

Screenshot: YouTube

Kangaroos are a fascinating animal. They can hop, they carry their child in a pouch and they can beat the hell out of you if they choose to. And one kid learned that the hard way when he got a straight left jab right in the face by one irritated kangaroo.

The video below takes place at a wildlife park in Melbourne, Australia, and shows a father trying to get his kid to get close to a kangaroo and an ostrich in order to feed them. That’s right, a kangaroo and an ostrich, two animals that you probably don’t want to get close to. And well, everyone in this video learned why.

Wow, pretty cool that the parents decided to laugh at their son before checking on him — I would have reacted the same way to be completely honest. And hey, looks like this kangaroo would probably put up a better fight against Floyd Mayweather than Conor Mcgregor could. Although I won’t tell Conor that to his face. Obviously.

In conclusion, the kid seems OK so no, I don’t feel bad at all for laughing at him.

h/t Maxim

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