Video Shows Man Rob Gas Station, Steal Condoms And Shoot At Locked Doors

Screenshot: YouTube

So not only did this woman in Illinois decide to steal 31 boxes of condoms, but an armed robber in Missouri decided to rob a gas station and run out with cash…and a bucket of Magnum condoms. Surveillance video shows the moment the robber walks into the station in Raytown with a hoodie, force his way into the clerk’s cage and threaten the clerk. You can then see this idiot clearly attempt to walk out with a bucket that is filled with condoms.

The clerk then decides to activate the magnetically-locked doors, which drives the robber into a panic as he begins shooting at the door. Take a look at the crazy video below.

Man, that guy sure wanted to get home to try on his condoms. Just think of how impressed his friends are going to be when he tells them the story of how he threatened to kill someone unless he gave him some condoms.

what a story

The robber has not been caught yet but police are currently trying to identify him. And it should be pretty easy since the entire incident was caught on camera.

h/t BarStool Sports

Meanwhile, in Florida: Florida Woman Arrested After Waving A Condom At A Deputy