Watch People Panic As They’re About To Jump Off A High Dive Over 30 Feet Tall

Diving platform at a swimming pool. Photo: Glowimages (Getty).

We all have fears. Some of us fear clowns, others might fear sharks — it’s a completely natural emotion that everyone shares.

One of the most common fears is heights. Some people can’t so much as look out the window of a tall building without almost shitting themselves. But like most fears, people have the ability to conquer them and wear those victories like badges of honor.

It sure helps when someone pays you 30 buck to get over it.

High Dive Jumpers Panic Before 30-Foot Plummet

In what was dubbed a “psychological experiment” by its creators, filmmakers put out an ad and found 67 people who had never jumped from a 33-foot high dive. While on camera, these people faced their fears and attempted to jump off a platform and into water far below them.

According to the video description, about 70 percent of these people overcame their fears and went for a leap of faith. Bravo to them for beating what they thought would beat them.

Let’s not shame the other 30 percent of these folks for not jumping, though, because fear is something really difficult to block out. Even the guy with the weird chest tattoo ever deserves a pass.

Still, though — what’s with the tat, bruh?

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