Woman Takes A Sledgehammer To Cheating Husband’s BMW

Screenshot: YouTube

Nice knowing you, BMW.

While some women attempt to sell the used legging’s their husband’s mistress left behind, other women handle a cheating husband in a more “in your face” kind of way. And by that we mean they take a sledgehammer to your precious car. Well, at least that’s what the woman in this story did.

The woman in the video below apparently learned that her husband “got a bit of head” from another woman, and then decided to punish him for his cheating ways by destroying his car with a sledgehammer.


It apparently also seems like the woman either saw or heard a recording of the cheating because she states she would recognize her husband’s voice anywhere.

Here is what else the woman says because God knows the majority of you won’t understand what the hell she’s saying.

“I’ve been married ten years, I’ve never broke a cup, a plate in my life. But I can trust you, you won’t be going home for this car or selling your trailer. That’s what it cost you for your one night. A girl that you knew, you knew her very well, it’s all on the recording.”

Take a look at the woman going nuts on the car in the video below.

And here’s how much damage she left on the car.

The woman also threatens the cheating man, saying that she will “burn him” in his trailer. So yeah, it’s probably best he never return to that trailer ever again. No word yet on what the man will do with his car but chances are the locals will be able to see it at the junkyard.

h/t Metro

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