6 Cocktails to Sip During the Solar Eclipse

Photo: The Eclipse by I|O Godfrey.

On August 21, upwards of 600 million people worldwide will have their eyes on the sky. That’s when the sun will disappear behind the moon in the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. From Oregon to South Carolina, the sky will blacken, temps will drop quickly, and light will stream from the silhouette of the moon. Why is this such a big deal? Because 1979 was the last total solar eclipse visible in the United States and many of us weren’t even alive for it! Thanks to social media, the Monday night event is poised to be the “most publicized and witnessed total solar eclipse in human history,” according to astrologist Holiday Mathis.

Seize your chance to scope one of nature’s rarest and most majestic feats – and make sure you do it with a cocktail in hand. These six cosmic libations, created by bartenders from across the country for an out-of-this-world drinking experience, will get you in the mood for the breathtaking show.

I|O Godfrey in Chicago will be ready for eclipse admirers on its rooftop lounge come August 21. Executive Chef Nate Cayer even crafted a special cocktail that mimics the dark-to-light magic in the sky. The Eclipse, a frozen tipple, begins with a lemon granitas solid base and a midnight-blue liquid mixture. Guests watch as the blue concoction is poured over the granitas tableside and the color transforms from deep blue to light purple, creating a lavender- and lemon-flavored drink as refreshing as the night air.   

Photo: I | O Godfrey.

ViewHouse in Denver, Colorado, serves up plenty of eye candy before you even glance at the menu: expansive rooftops, panoramic vistas of the Rocky Mountains, and that expansive Colorado sky. But if you’re into sensory overload during eclipse season, order a Blue Horizon. Made with house-infused blueberry vodka, muddled mint and blueberries, simple syrup, lime juice, and a dash of Sierra Mist, it’s one of the coolest cocktails available on Earth.

Photo: ViewHouse.

FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar in Minneapolis was inspired by a cosmic phenomenon of a different kind: Minnesota’s Northern Lights. Named after the way the bubbles from the Finnegans Amber beer move in the glass, this cocktail is a blend of Aviv vodka, Marie Brizzard raspberry, orange juice, agave nectar, and Finnegans Amber beer.

Photo: FireLake.

Arbella in Chicago created its own cocktail in honor of the moon’s passage in front of the sun. It’s called the Chicago Fire Extinguisher and combines scotch, Luxardo abano, and smoke Angostura bitters for a drink that’s almost black in color. Served in a round glass globe, it’s topped off with smoke immediately before serving for maximum mystical effect.

Photo: Arbella.

Cindy’s, another Chicago haunt, channels the dark theme of the eclipse with its Reanimator cocktail. Made with cachaça, activated charcoal, blueberry-ginger demerara, and lime, it’s the ideal drink to nurse while admiring Lake Michigan or Millennium Park from the open-air terrace of the rooftop restaurant atop the historic Chicago Athletic Association hotel.

Photo: Kelsey Sullivan.

Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, Missouri is not only offering you a drink inspired by the solar eclipse, it’s going to help you see the show better, too. Its special edition Path of Totality Pack comes in black and metallic silver six-packs or 12-packs with a pair of solar glasses to watch the solar eclipse safely. Schlafly’s Lager (4.5% ABV and 17 IBUs) is a bright, golden beer, perfect for summertime. The malts impart a fresh grain character, reminiscent of European lagers. The German Noble hop, Mittelfrüh, lends a mild lemony, spicy flavor. The German word “Helles” translates as “light” and “lager” means “to store.” Swallow that knowledge down, ya smarty pants.

Photo: Schlafly.