Exclusive Preview | ‘The Immortal Iron Fists’ # 2

For years, Danny Rand was the only Iron Fist in the Marvel Universe. And now, there are two. Marvel Comics and comiXology are teaming up for The Immortal Iron Fists, a six-issue miniseries about Danny and his new pupil, Pei, a teenage girl who also commands the power of the Iron Fist.

This new status quo puts Danny in the awkward position of being both mentor and surrogate father to Pei, who has only a tenuous grasp on life outside of K’un-Lun. And it’s not helping that Danny has forbidden Pei from using martial arts, at least for now. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for The Immortal Iron Fists # 2, his attempt to give Pei a lesson in his martial arts philosophy goes comically wrong before the young girl is forced to endure the indignity of coming to school with her guardian. Pei may have found her tribe, but she’s also managed to alienate almost everyone else at her school!

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This issue was written by Kaare Kyle Andrews, with art and cover by Afu Chan. Here’s the official description from Marvel Comics and comiXology:

As if navigating the turbulent world of high school social cliques wasn’t dangerous enough, it seems students are going missing from Pei’s school. If only they had a kung fu champion who could get to the bottom of things! But Danny has forbidden Pei to use her kung fu…Meanwhile, Danny has problems of his own, as a motorcycle gang of frog demons is terrorizing Chinatown!

The Immortal Iron Fists # 2 will be released this Tuesday, August 8 as part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle. This title will be available as part of comiXology Unlimited at release.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics and comiXology