Police Looking For A-Hole Jogger Who Pushed Woman Into Path Of Double-Decker Bus

Screenshot: Metropolitan Police

There sure are some pretty awful people out there today, and we of course have mentioned some in the past. Like the dude who was thrown behind bars for killing 21 cats, or like that garbage can on legs who knocked out a Rugby referee after receiving a yellow card. And that’s just two examples. The story below features an a-hole jogger who decided to push a woman into the path of a double-decker bus for no reason whatsoever. Oh, and it was caught on surveillance camera.

British police are currently looking for the jogger who was caught on camera pushing the woman who was simply walking past him in an incident that occurred way back in May on Putney Bridge. The video shows the jogger run up to the woman and clearly push her with both hands. The woman falls into the road, as a double-decker bus veers away, barely missing her.

Take a look at the video below.

According to Sgt. Mat Knowles the woman was not hit by the bus thanks to the “superb quick reactions of the bus driver.” Police also say that after the incident the woman saw the jogger again 15 minutes later and tried to speak to him but got no response from the lunatic.

Police are still looking for the jogger.

h/t NY Daily News

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