Video Of Lifeguard Acting Like A Complete A-Hole Towards Beachgoer Goes Viral

Photo: fotostorm (Getty)

I don’t know many lifeguards (or any), but I’d like to think that the majority of them are nice guys and gals who just want to make sure people have a safe and enjoyable time. Well, the lifeguard in this video is clearly not a nice guy, but instead is a tool who gets off on trying to intimidate beachgoers.

The video below, taken at Redondo Beach, has gone viral as it shows a lifeguard getting in the face of a teenager after the teen decided to put his boogie board on top of a trash can. Here’s how it’s described on YouTube.

“We were at the beach and my friend put his boogie board on the trash can so it didn’t get sandy and the lifeguard asked him to take it down, which Thomas, my friend, did. After doing so Thomas says ‘I didn’t know it was a crime to put your board on a trash can.’ Soon after the Lifeguard became very hostile and this video shows Thomas and the lifeguards interaction.”

And now check out the video.

Kudos to the teen for actually having some pretty great comebacks. And kudos to the person who filmed this because now that lifeguard has some explaining to do. You know, when he has to explain why he wasn’t keeping an eye out on the waters where a person may or may not have been drowning.

But now this video has gone viral and everyone knows what a massive douche that lifeguard is. Congrats, buddy.

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