The Last of Us 2 Fans May Have Worked Out Where the Sequel Will Take Place

The Last of Us 2‘s location may have been revealed by a collection of the series’ eagle-eyed fans, with them using small clues littered in the upcoming game’s concept art in order to figure out what they believe will be its setting.

These clues were compiled by Reddit user Voldsby on The Last of Us subreddit, who revealed that a collaboration with fellow Redditor RoganJosho had pointed towards The Last of Us 2 taking place in Seattle, Washington. The first piece of the puzzle is this piece of art depicting a figure standing in front of a public parking building:


The Redditors matched up the parking lot in the concept are with a photo on Google Street View of a very similar-looking building in Seattle:


But that’s not all.

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The building is also in close proximity to another area seemingly depicted in the concept art, with the art featuring a signpost reading “Washington Street,” adding further credibility to this theory:


Then there are the parking signs featured in the art, which closely resemble those that can be found in Washington:


All of these clues strongly point towards Seattle, Washington being the location for the sequel, and though there has been no official confirmation from Naughty Dog, judging from these signposts and building it seems more than likely that this will be the case.

The location of the first The Last of Us, Boston, is a substantial distance away from Seattle, so Ellie has clearly been on her travels in the space between the two games. Ellie is nineteen years old in The Last of Us 2, and what has taken place in those five years since the credits rolled on the first game is anyone’s guess, but if Seattle is to be the sequel’s setting then it looks to have involved one lengthy road trip at some point.