Alpha Male? What Is the True Definition?

Photo: gradyreese (Getty Images)

The concept of an alpha male is something we’ve adopted from the animal kingdom. The alpha male is usually the best representative of the species, a capable fighter and the leader of the pack. While it is similar to humans, there are some essential differences. The strength of an alpha man actually reflects in his mental strength, self-confidence, and ability to capture the spotlight. He aspires to become everyone’s idol without being condescending or obnoxious. Here are some of the major traits of every true alpha male.


In today’s world, confidence is everything. You could even say that it’s not about the qualities you have, but the way you present them to everyone. An alpha male is always aware of his flaws but simply chooses not to display them to the world. If you’re confident enough in your abilities, people will perceive you as a strong individual and will be inclined to think of you as a leader. Of course, confidence is not easy to come by. In order to obtain it, you need to work every day and start off small. A good practice is to go to an unknown place and start talking to people. Being confident with strangers is somewhat easier than it is with acquaintances as you get much more freedom.


Keep in mind that the best road to self-confidence is actually through self-realization. You can’t know your flaws and your virtues if you don’t take the time to discover yourself. Some people manage to find themselves through travels, others do it through hobbies, but the most important thing is to realize what it is that makes you unique. After you figure that out, everything else will simply fall into place like a well-made puzzle. The question you need to ask yourself is – how would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you? What are your finest qualities? Why would they even want to meet you? After you figure that out, you will be a true individual.


Another one of the essential alpha male traits is the ability to communicate. Knowing what you are and having self-confidence means absolutely nothing if you don’t have the necessary tools to present it to others. You can tell a lot about the man by the way he speaks and the words he uses. Learn to speak like a true gentleman regardless of the situation. Don’t repeat yourself too much as it is a sign of weakness. Use words that aren’t mundane, so that they resonate a bit more in your listener’s ears. Don’t raise your voice as it’s counterproductive. People who speak softly, but assertively give off a much more powerful vibe and indirectly demand authority. Finally, remember not to be condescending and belittling in your communication because getting respect means giving respect to others.


At the end, you should note that according to the alpha male definition, the role of the dominant male calls for attention and center of the stage. If you don’t like being under the scrutiny of others, you will have to get used to it, because it comes with the job. As an alpha male, you will be expected to create an example for others to follow. This means that people will admire you, watch you, and even learn from you, so understand that it’s actually quite a responsibility. For some people, this invasion of privacy may be too much, so they recluse or even get hostile from time to time. Of course, a true alpha male would never do such a thing. You need to be open and unreserved when it comes to people around you because, without them, you wouldn’t even be the dominant one.

Now that you know what it takes to be an alpha male, it’s time to get to work.