Chick-fil-A Customers Mad About Cold Food Wreck The Restaurant

Photo: Tom Pennington / Stringer (Getty).

I hate getting food cold when I expect it to be served hot. If it’s coming out of an oven, it’s probably supposed to make its way to me soon after, and there shouldn’t be an in-between period when my meal cools down below room temperature.

It’s annoying, yes, but I’m not out here trying to trash restaurants because a server gave me cold food. The folks in the following footage, however, don’t see it that way. And they made sure to make a big deal out of some cold chicken because…Florida.

Upset Chick-fil-A Customers Wreck Restaurant

If you haven’t figured it out by now, working in the food-service industry sucks. The following video (in two parts) is evidence of that.

This is what’s known as the calm before the storm, folks.

Sadly (or perhaps fortunately), the actual confrontation that resulted in the destruction wasn’t captured on film. However, according to the woman who uploaded the videos Allison Music, the customers responsible for the madness at this Jacksonville, Florida suburb Chick-fil-A were simply irritated with getting cold chicken. A boy was arguing with workers for what seemed like up to 20 minutes. Soon after, two women who claimed the boy was their little brother made their way into the restaurant and got into their own confrontation with workers.

Things escalated and they asked for a refund, but the worker behind the counter explained they had already given a refund to the boy in cash. From there, it all went to hell because the women started throwing things all over the floor and making Chick-fil-A a chaotic mess. All this over cold food, of all things.

For starters, Chick-fil-A isn’t even that good, and it gives people the runs. It’s not worth throwing a tantrum over some subpar chicken. Can we find a more productive way to air our grievances in fast-food restaurants?

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Between this and the woman who wrecked a Taco Bell, people are getting out of control.