Xbox One Spotify App Could Be On its Way

A Spotify app for the Xbox One could be on its way, after Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb was reportedly spotting using it on the console.

Spanish Xbox news site MondoXboX first shared the image of Hyrb using the Spotify Music app, and while its legitimacy has not been confirmed, it didn’t take long for Xbox One owners on Reddit to begin circulating it. While it has been suggested that Hryb may have been using the app on Windows 10, it being listed as “for Xbox” indicates that, if the image is to be believed, Hryb was using Spotify on his Xbox One.

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The image can be viewed below:


Spotify is currently available on the PS4, though thus far the company has not made the music app available on the Xbox One. Owners of Microsoft’s console have requested that the app be brought to the system for years now, and considering Spotify’s recent deal with Microsoft to bring the app to Windows 10 via the Windows Store, this could become a reality sooner rather than later.

There are a number of music apps currently available for the Xbox One, with the likes of Groove Music and Pandora allowing players to listen to their favorite artists while playing, though Spotify is still heavily requested by its owners. As the top music streaming app, its absence on the Xbox One has been a disappointment, but if the above image is anything to go by then it looks like Microsoft may rectify this issue in the near future.