Dungeons and Dragons: Force Grey is Twitch’s Next Big Exclusive Show

Dungeons and Dragons: Force Grey has returned to Twitch, with Lost City of Omu bringing in newcomers Joe Manganiello, Dylan Sprouse, and Deborah Ann Woll to take part in Dungeon Master Matt Mercer’s latest adventure.

Force Grey: Lost City of Omu sees True Blood actors Manganiello and Ann Woll guiding their characters through the adventure’s mysterious setting, guided along by DM Mercer. Mercer, a notable voice actor (you have him to thank for Overwatch cowboy McCree), has gained notoriety for his Dungeon Master skills as part of Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role series, which has garnered a huge audience and is one of Twitch and YouTube’s most popular series. Force Grey is a completely new experience, with it also featuring Sprouse, Brian Posehn and Utkarsh Ambudkar questing alongside the fantasy actors.

Dungeons and Dragons is growing in popularity on Twitch, with streams featuring the tabletop role-playing game regularly bringing in thousands of viewers. Matt Mercer has proven to be instrumental to its success on the platform, with him introducing the game to a much wider audience and bringing along a whole bunch of celebrities for the ride.

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Force Grey: Lost City of Omu is the product of a new partnership between D&D and Twitch, with the official Twitch Dungeons and Dragons channel hosting some fun shows for fans of the tabletop game including Dragon Talk and Dice Camera Action with Chris Perkins. Force Grey: Lost City of Omu, which airs exclusively on the streaming platform, will take place every Monday. The first episode, which premiered on July 31, can be viewed below.

You can also watch the full trailer for season 2 below: