Derrick Rose’s Height Didn’t Stop Him From Throwing Sky High Dunks

Photo: Jonathan Daniel(Getty Images)

Derrick Rose’s height is listed at 6 ft 3 in (191 cm), the same as Steph Curry, they both play the same position, yet their playing styles are very different in the acrobatics department. When Curry dunks it’s almost news-worthy, while Rose did it on a regular basis and with style points to go with it. The rim-hating explosive 28-year-old took out all his aggression on the hoops, going sky high before unleashing the fury.

Some NBA players state that it’s not a SLAM dunk if you land on the ground before the ball, and Derrick Rose truly took that idea to heart. Russell Westbrook is now the most explosive star player in the NBA, but even his energy is low compared to the prime Derrick Rose. The former Chicago Bulls player is the youngest MVP in the history of the league for a reason.

Even though he’s seven inches shorter, Derrick Rose’s height didn’t stop him from appearing as mighty as some NBA players that fall into the freak-of-nature category like Shawn Kemp.

The average player in the National Basketball Association is listed at 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m), the players shorter than 6 feet are a true rarity, the ones ranking around 6 ft 3 in are the lower norm, which makes the way D Rose punished rims all that impressive.

If the explosive point guard didn’t have devasted injuries, Derrick Rose’s height in a figurative, star state would be on the level of Lebron James probably. Just look at what he did against the Miami Heat in his prime, and pay special attention to the speed on the second dunk in this mini-compilation.

Rose was as exciting above the rim as any PG can get. Look at him displaying a Dunk Contest worthy slam here. “If you don’t like this, you don’t like NBA basketball!” and “Oh me oh my!” combined are needed for this vicious slam.

He actually had some of his best power plays against the second team in his career – New York Knicks.

When we’re talking about Derrick Rose’s height during dunks we must put this sick alley oop against the Atlanta Hawks. Before his first knee injury, his vertical jump was measured at 37 inches, after he rehabilitated and rested his jump was 42 inches! His no step vertical jump at the 2008 NBA pre-draft camp was 34.5″, and his max vertical was measured at 40 inches at that time.