This 1994 Tom Brady Interview Proves He Was Just As Cool In High School

1994 — Baseball was on strike. The O.J. trial was in full gear. And 17-year-old Tom Brady, although with questionable fashion choices, was still as cool, calm and collected as ever.

Raise your hand if you look exactly the way you did in high school. Ok, put your hand back down, liar. The video below is truly remarkable. It’s Tom Brady being interviewed by the local TV station just before his senior year and he looks and acts just as you thought he would — a six-foot-four, future model with perfect hair who is also well spoken and mentions he has a “pretty good work ethic” so he thinks he “can get the job done.”

What 17-year-old high school jock says that?? … Tom Brady. That’s who.

I would say that after five Super Bowl wins that yes, Tom, you did get the job done.

And don’t sweat the shirt. Most of us, including myself, had way more questionable fashion choices in 90s. One word — JNCOs.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.