Big Sean Top 10 Songs Ranked

5. Big Sean – I Don’t Fuck With You (Explicit) ft. E-40

The most popular Big Sean song with 250 million views and 1,268,000 copies sold in the US, and understandably so as it is a flawless hype up track to which the music video contributes a lot. Kanye West signs the production together with DJ Mustard and I Don’t Fuck With You’s beat has all the signature Kanye production features like back vocals and classical instruments. Another instructional track from Big Sean, but probably the one with the most different delivery from all his serious tracks.

4. Big Sean – Guap (Explicit)

Another Big Sean track that warrants singing along to it, a hype up anthem that is also filled with those worthy Big Sean quotes. The Caribbean beat was made by Sean’s frequent collaborator Key Wane alongside Young Chop and it goes surprisingly effortlessly with Big Sean’s rapping. The chorus is pretty peculiar which explains the strong good feeling creating vibe amongst the audience.

3. Big Sean – Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)

A stunning flow, that could work even if the track was an acapella track, which it almost is as for the majority of the track there are only sporadic ominous tones dropping beside Big Sean’s verses. The tracks does a perfect job of gently building up to an explosion making it a perfect hype song, that isn’t hollow as Big Sean delivers on some true nuggets of wisdom. Again.

2. Big Sean – One Man Can Change The World ft. Kanye West, John Legend

The most inspirational and motivational track of this rapper that could also work as a public speaker seeing how the strength of his messages are undeniable. A literal instructional video on how to better your life that made Big Sean Instagram full with thankful messages. The track has light features of Kanye West and John Legend but the song is all Sean. The piano instrumental matches the noble message, and the chorus singing entices goosebumps every time.

1. Big Sean – Bounce Back

The message that we don’t get often, or ever, from rappers, Big Sean admits to gettintg an L once in a while, but bouncing back hard from it, which is a tattoo-worthy message. Bounce Back merges the two things Big Sean does the best right now – inspirational and hype up for the ultimate track. The track was logically a commercial hit and peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100, but when the list got updated and forgotten, it’s the message that stook with the listeners.

What are some other Big Sean tracks are worth a shout out?

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