10 Best Summer Songs For Rap Fans

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Without a doubt, summer is the best season there is, it’s like a three-month holiday for everybody. The whole vibe of the city is different, regardless if you’re living in a place of eternal heat, or actually get to experience all of the seasons. While rap might have the reputation for being almost all tough and dark, these best summer songs represent the proof that there are so many uplifting, chilled tracks in the genre.

And even though there are more chilled, uplifting rappers like J. Cole or Kid Cudi nowadays, most of the songs are from the ’90s.

The Game featuring Common – Angel (2008)

Quite possibly the most underheard song on this list, but a track with an undeniable summer vibe thanks to it’s rolling, gentle instrumental that makes the hand go outside the car’s window. Both the verses and the hook are truly summer-like, and even though it’s primarily a love song aimed at the rap game, the Kanye West production makes it more than a single themed track. A perfect tune for driving out into the sunset.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime (1991)

THE summer rap song, one that everyone knew was coming, as, after all, it is called Summertime. Back when Will Smith was The Fresh Prince he delivered on this classic tune that truly anyone can enjoy. The hazy, laidback instrumental and the chilled flow make for the perfect setting of reminiscing all those amazing summer days experienced. The official soundtrack of all the activities Will Smith mentions in this soft, storytelling ode to the best season of them all.

Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (1995)

The ultimate party anthem, but also one of the best summer songs of the rap genre as it has that uplifting, playful vibe. A modern sounding track with Montell managing to walk the line between rapping and singing, which is a rare feat. One of the ultimate hip-hop soul tracks, it just bombards the listener with its feel-good vibes. If you’re throwing a party in the summer, this should be the track you use to spark it into getting it in fifth gear.

Will Smith – Miami (1997)

Will Smith made enjoyable, fun rap music, so it’s not surprising that he would have two of the best summer songs ever. Some might even argue that Gettin’ Jiggy With It could also make the list. Miami is a more uplifting, energizing track than Summertime, and the biggest promo ever for any tropical city, not just the one in Florida. This track makes you take on summer head-on, squeezing it for everything it can bring to you.

Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day (1993)

A legendary rap track and surely one of the best summer songs of any genre, not just rap. Ice Cube tones it down from his usual hard style and it’s the best track of his career without any doubt. You get swept with the summer vibe from the moment the recognizable beat drops. Ice Cube merges with the gently bouncing instrumental and it’s impossible not to bop your head to it. The rapper wrote the track in a state of euphoria, and hopefully, it will put you in the same frame of mind, which is what best summer songs do.