Here’s An Idiot Getting Wrecked Trying To Jump Over A Massive Rolling Hay Bale

Screenshot: Instagram

I remember watching Jeopardy! as a child with my one-toothed uncle as he smoked Newports and crushed cans of Mountain Dew while he sat on my grandmother’s couch in sweatpants and a ketchup-stained shirt that he probably got after signing up for the Discover Card, and as he rallied off 18 incorrect answers (or questions) in a row, I remember thinking to myself, “Man, it just doesn’t get any dumber that this.”

Well, it turns out I was wrong, as some dipshit on a farm decided to give jumping over a massive bale of hay rolling down a hill the ol’ college try. Let’s see how that turned out for him:

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“He’s winded?” Well, that might be one way to put. “He’s bleeding internally” could potentially be the more accurate way to describe it.

No word as to whether or not this dude suffered anything more than a bruised ego while attempting to become a bigger internet sensation than “The Freeze,” but either way, let’s hope he at least came to the conclusion that there are much more productive ways to spend your free time.

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