Florida Woman’s Attempt To Spread Grandma’s Ashes Results In Epic Fail

Photo: YouTube

Liz Hopson wanted nothing more than to properly pay her respects to her deceased grandma, so she booked a trip from Orlando to England to visit some of her grandmother’s favorite places. Of course, it wasn’t just Hopson and her husband along for the ride, as her grandma’s ashes also made the journey to England.

Grandma’s trip was one of the one-way variety, as Hopson planned on finding the perfect spot to spread her ashes in the country that she loved so much. Hopson eventually found just the spot on a bridge in Newcastle, and she made sure that her husband was recording the final goodbye.

Let’s see how that turned out:

Hopson’s daughter posted the video of her mom online earlier this week, and it has been blowing up ever since.

“My mom went to release some of my Nanna’s ashes off of a bridge, but my Nanna had different plans,” Hopson’s daughter said. “As upset as my mom seemed at the time, we both can’t stop cracking up at this.”

If you think what happened to Hopson in Newcastle looks familiar, it’s because Hollywood beat her to the punch almost 20 years ago when Walter Sobchak and “The Dude” tried to give their pal Donny the proper sendoff in The Big Lebowski.

Oh, poor Donny. Donny who loved bowling.

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