Syd Tha Kyd: Top 5 Songs

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder (Getty Images)

The female equivalent to The Weeknd, Syd Tha Kyd is a young alternative R&B singer that has managed to achieve a notable career despite being only 25. She’s done it as part of two groups, The Internet and Odd Future, and on her own recently. Los Angeles native is pretty active and diverse in her music, so she switches from hip hop to soul in a second, making for very original, impressive tracks.

While Odd Future is a large hip hop collective and more of a side project for Syd, The Internet is a soul, trip hop, alternative R&B band of a very confusing name, of which Syd is the lead singer. And while her first solo album Fin is very enjoyable, the best and most memorable tracks Syd made are with The Internet.

Syd Tha Kyd Best Songs

The Internet – Get Away

One of the dirtiest basses in R&B music ever works great in contrast to Syd’s smooth, flowy voice in Get Away, the first track of the band’s third album Ego Death. Announcing the strenght in serenity that comes from their tracks right away. Subtleties that are heard in the beat testify to the talent in The Internet, to which Syd doesn’t only contribute as a singer since she is also a DJ, producer, and an audio engineer.

The Internet – Girl ft. KAYTRANADA

Haitian-Canadian DJ and record producer KAYTRANADA helps The Internet crew on this song which has a mesmerizing beat, but the spotlight is all on Syd as her singing is really what separates the track from a herd of familiar songs. As an R&B song as they can be regarding the topic, it’s the powerful yet serene voice that makes Girl special, and the often changes of tonality and the flow make this hazy song impressionable.

The Internet – Special Affair

A very tribal, bouncy beat might not seem like fertile ground for a singer, yet Syd Tha Kyd rides on it effortlessly. The flow that many pure rappers can envy her on is complimented with tranquil, raspy, seductive singing. While the beat doesn’t resemble The Weeknd songs, focusing on singing only can cast light on why the comparisons are often. Syd melts with the instrumental, not making either be dominant, which is a rare talent even at the top of the music game.

The Internet – Dontcha

Drakeish track in its topic, but a one with the most classical R&B tone of singing, showing the wide range Syd possess. With a funky beat that has its subtle, seductive elements, it’s a song that is impressive in its simplicity and that needs to be dissected to be truly appreciated. A track from The Internet’s second album Feel Good, it’s a very sensual, shameless, groovy tune that will make stepping out of bed impossible.

The Internet – Cocaine

Song from The Internet’s first album Purple Naked Ladies, released in 2011, it has a controversial topic and a video that only an upcoming group or an artist can release, although it didn’t go uncriticised. But focusing on the track itself, it is truly unique, both lyrically and stylistically. It’s the only song on this list that features a different voice than Syd’s and is perfectly utilized as it breaks up the misty singing. The track is the perfect example of new trip hop.

Are there any other Syd Tha Kyd songs that you would put in the top five? Perhaps from her solo album? Share your picks in the comments and help others find good music.

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