‘Progressive Liberal’ Is Quickly Becoming A Wrestling Star In Kentucky

There’s a new popular villain in Kentucky. He wears a goatee, tight, brief spandex and a shirt with Hillary Clinton’s face splattered across it. He’s known as “Progressive Liberal.”

Dan Richards is the man who portrays “Progressive Liberal” as part of Kentucky-based Appalachian Mountain Wrestling. The fact that his pictures and videos are spreading like wildfire across Twitter means this could be one of the most genius marketing ploys in the history of small-town amateur wrestling.

And trust us, there are no shortage of political jabs.

The promos are fun too.

In fact, during a match earlier this year Richards cut a promo where he praised Hillary, but was interrupted by people chanting “feel the Bern!” Allegedly some little kid also yelled, “You better shut up.”

Yes, Progressive Liberal appears to be the perfect antagonist.

Progressive Liberal is known as a ‘wrestling heel,’ essentially a villainous or ‘bad guy’ who is booked or scripted to play antagonist to other popular wrestlers.

If you’re in Kentucky and in search of something to do on Friday, you can go watch Progressive Liberal face off against this guy in a “Crybaby Match,” where the loser “will have to wear a diaper and suck on a bottle.” What gets better than that?





Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.