Watch (And Listen) In Horror As Woman’s Arm Snaps On Live TV

Because of the internet, I no longer arm wrestle for any reason. Whether you’re just participating against patrons at your local watering hole or trying to impress Larry the Cable Guy for some godforsaken reason, there should be a voice in the back of your mind telling you that it’s simply not worth it despite the outcome. Honestly, this isn’t Over the Top, and you’re certainly no Sly Stallone.

Of course, having said all that, this most recent video of a woman named Pamela breaking her arm in a strength competition at least involves a game show. And cash prizes. And potentially winning a car.

Woman’s Arm Snaps On Live TV During Arm Wrestling Competition

Argentinian game show What Hand Is It In? features a segment called “Iron Lady” in which two women battle it out in a friendly arm wrestling contest. This, of course, airs live. So what you see is what you get, and what you get is happening right now, and OH GOD, I HEARD HER BONE BREAK! I’M GONNA PUKE!

Sorry about that, but it’s a pretty standard reaction to watching someone’s forearm buckle under pressure. Let’s not even mention the sound it makes, either, because I’ve still not been able to watch and listen to this video at the same time without getting a little queasy.

Regrettably for Pam, it wasn’t your standard elbow dislocation, and she’ll indeed be in for some surgery and recovery in the near future. This is what the show’s host Chino Leunis had to say in a recent tweet:

Unfortunately Pamela broke her arm. She’s been put in plaster and tomorrow she’s going to be operated on. It’s a terrible shame and we will be attentive and help her.

Now, I may be biased considering I’ve broken my arm pretty badly in the past (requiring pins and plates), but I’d be happy to never see a video like this again for as long as I live. But for you gluttons for punishment and/or sickos out there, what happened above is actually pretty standard fair for arm wrestling competitions. So on the off chance that what you’ve just witnessed simply wasn’t enough, here are some more grizzly breaks for the road. But I must warn you, you’re going down a dark path:

h/t The Daily Mail

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