Dad Almost Drops Baby While Trying To Snag Foul Ball, Mom Flips The F Out

Photo: Twitter

This just in: holding on to your child and making sure they don’t fall on concrete is a tad more important than catching a foul ball at a baseball game. Well, at least the dad below doesn’t believe that.

Have you been watching the NY Mets lately? Of course you haven’t, because if there is one team in NY playing worse the the Yankees currently are it’s the Mets. But since you don’t watch their games, let me just tell you that recently during a Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers game one fan tried to snag a foul ball hit by the Mets’ Jay Bruce. And guess what? He made the catch. And guess what else? He almost dropped the baby he was holding.

And yeah, mom wasn’t happy at all. Check out the video below tweeted by Keith Olbermann.

On the bright side, at least this dad can show his child that clip and remind them how they almost dropped them and seriously injured them all thanks to a foul ball. Precious memories!

h/t NJ

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