Drum & Bass Legend Goldie Releases 2nd Single from Comeback Album

It’s an impossible position to be in. An artist helps forge and then becomes one of the dominant faces of a new genre of music, steps away from the spotlight after a series of career ups and downs, highs and lows, and his or her comeback is saddled with crushing expectations: Be visionary, break new ground – but give fans what they already know you for. Drum & Bass godfather Goldie’s first single from the Journeyman album, “I Adore You,” met with a mixed reception from longtime followers, many of whom felt it was soft, too pop in focus. The new single, “Castaway” taps the outsider angst and swagger that defined the first drum & bass movement, while synching up in timely fashion with the social and political upheaval of the moment. It’s a rush of catchy hooks and irresistible stuttering groove.

Click here for streaming options for Journeyman, which dropped June 16.

Top photo courtesy Getty Images.