Elizabeth Banks Bashes Steven Spielberg For ‘Never Making Film With Female Lead,’ Twitter Reminds Her Of ‘The Color Purple’

Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty)

When you take on one of the most beloved directors of our time you better bring a strong argument. Unfortunately for actress Elizabeth Banks she did not bring a very strong one.

Twitter is buzzing after 43-year-old Banks called out director Steven Spielberg in an acceptance speech at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards last night. Spielberg, who is behind some of our time’s greatest blockbusters like JawsIndiana Jones and Jurassic Park was bashed by the actress for his lack of female leads.

“I went to Indiana Jones and Jaws and every movie Steven Spielberg ever made,” Banks said. “And by the way, he’s never made a movie with a female lead. Sorry, Steven. I don’t mean to call your ass out, but it’s true.”

Well that’s not exactly true as Banks seemed to forget about 1974’s Sugarland Express, and 2016’s The BFG. Oh, and a little movie called The Color Purple.

color purple

Yep. And Twitter made sure to remind Banks about the 1985 classic.

Here’s what else Banks had to say:

“Buy a fucking ticket to a movie with a woman, take them, give them the experience of seeing amazing women on film.”

Well, the number one movie in the world right now is…wait for it…Wonder Woman. So yeah.

But don’t worry, folks. At least Banks will always be known for this work of art.

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